Frequently Asked Questions

What is Springpad?

For companies looking to dip their toe into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), Springpad from Defactor provides a fast-track process to test how it can work for you. Springpad also acts as a “sandbox” to test new asset classes such as NFTs while giving the Defactor community an early insight into investment opportunities.

What happens when the funding term is complete?

It’s essentially the reverse of asset funding, where the RWAO deposits fiat into a bank account, which is converted to stablecoin and then returned to investors. Defactor then collects a fee for this transaction.

What are the key steps for signing up for Springpad?

Defactor offers a streamlined application process for asset originators that are interested in obtaining DeFi funding. The application window opens each quarter with the next application deadline being March 31st 2022.

These are the key steps involved:

  • Registration
  • Pre-selection
  • Onboarding/Due Diligence
  • Assessment Call
  • Contracts and Pilot Set Up
  • Investors Showcase

How much is available for businesses through Springpad?

Through Springpad, approved businesses can secure financing up to approximately $30,000

How can I participate in Springpad?

For more information about Springpad, please visit the application page or email us at [email protected]

How does the asset funding process work?

Once you’re approved, risk assessments have been performed and collateral requirements are satisfied, RWAOs can submit assets for funding to available pools with Defactor determining your optimum pool. Investors then pledge their crypto in the form of approved stablecoins, which are converted into fiat and paid to real-world asset originators (RWAOs).